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True beauty comes with healthy skin… That belief forms the foundation of LePA skin care philosophy!

Our Philosophy

Professional Care

Our expertise allows us to address and prevent any skin concern with precision and care, treating your skin one layer at a time for optimal results.

Personalized Experience
Every facial is uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs, from combating acne and congestion to enhancing hydration and fighting aging, ensuring a truly personalized experience.
We Love What We Do

And your skin will love it too. Our facials blend science with innovation, making your skincare journey a delightful and transformative experience

Our Approach

If you are looking for genuine European skincare with noninvasive yet effective methods tailored to your skin, then LePA is the place for you!

We are here to help you learn about your skin, teach you how to care for it, and guide you to a visibly better complexion and glow.

At LePA European Esthetics, every facial is formulated by our founder, master-level esthetician Manja Hossa. Our team members undergo thorough training under her mentorship, guaranteeing that each treatment is delivered with care and expertise.

Our facials are versatile and multipurpose, delivering proven results for a range of skin concerns including inflammatory conditions like acne and rosacea, as well as issues such as dullness, redness, oiliness, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

LePA is home to clientele from all walks of life. Our goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin at every age. We will completely transform how your skin feels and looks!

For the most beautiful you, come visit LePA!

Our Team

Manja Hossa

Owner, master esthetician & trainer

Manja is a Slovenian born, certified esthetician with formal medical training and over 25 years in the beauty industry. She is our “imported” gem, an exceptional skin care guru with a mission to bring safe and effective esthetic treatments to Austinites.

LePA European Esthetics is home to Manja’s deeply rooted European cultural and educational skin care experience. She is the second generation of esthetician and skin spa owners in her family. The importance of skin care has been a major part of Manja’s life for as long as she can remember.

Manja sees an undeniable connection between healthy skin and self-confidence and feels incredibly fortunate that her work empowers women to feel confident in their skin at every age.

For Manja, the highest fulfilment comes from seeing happy clients with healthy skin. She is genuinely proud that LePA offers a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment for everybody.

This year, LePA celebrated 16 wonderful years in business, Manja is immensely proud of the incredible LePA team and deeply grateful for each and every client!

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Katie Patterson
Licensed esthetician & Spa manager
Katie joined LePA team in 2016 bringing both a sense of Texas hospitality and a deep understanding of skin care treatments.

An exceptional esthetician, Katie excels at helping clients better understand and care for their skin. She values an honest relationship with her clients and keeps their priorities in mind when recommending skin care plans. The most rewarding part of her job is the confidence her clients get when they see their results in the mirror.

Katie believes that healthy skin is the foundation of beautiful skin and that LePA is the best place to achieve that. You can come to LePA to treat specific skin concerns, learn how to take care of your skin at home and still leave feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

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Samantha Keeling
Licensed esthetician
Samantha is the newest addition to LePA family. California borna and raised with a “quick” stop of ten years in the Netherlands, she feels very fortunate to join a team that embraces European skin care philosophy, teachings, and techniques.

With a passion for tending to the diverse needs of the skin, Samantha brings expertise and enthusiasm to every treatment session. For her, skincare is more than just a profession; it's a calling—an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of clients by nurturing their skin and boosting their confidence.

Samantha is dedicated to delivering tailored treatments that not only leave clients feeling refreshed and glowing but also recharged and ready to tackle anything on their to-do list.

Our Products -

Afrodita (Aphrodite) is not only the name of the Greek goddess of beauty and love but is also a
leading Slovenian cosmetics house – a proven, natural, and trusted brand. Afrodita products are
high-quality, natural, user-and environmentally friendly cosmetic products.
Established in 1970, Afrodita has designed and developed 650 skin care products and is currently
sold in 22 countries.
At Afrodita Cosmetics, their core believe is that an important part of beauty comes from within-
that truly beautiful woman is a woman who feels beautiful. Their slogan sums it up in just a few
words: Beautiful in my skin.


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